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Wasps usually become a pest during the latter part of Summer when the nest stops producing a sweet reward for all the worker wasps so then that is when they start annoying humans as they look for their sweet fix. At this point in the Summer a nest will have thousands of wasps. A nest is created when the queen leaves her solitary nest that she will have stayed in over winter and she will look for a suitable place to build a nest. This can be anywhere but you will usually find that they have entered your premises through an air-break, a gap in the tiles or similar. The Queen will then start off the nest before she starts producing eggs which after 3-4 weeks will become worker wasps, laying eggs at 300 a day you will see how quickly a nest can build and at it’s peak could have 8000 wasps! A nest left untreated will eventually die off along with the queen who would have produced some more queens for the next summer and around a thousand of them at that. These Virgin queens will leave the nest and build a solitary nest for the winter and the process starts again.

Can you treat a wasp nest yourself? You can but beware. The chemicals you will be buying are not the same that a professional pest control can use therefore the effectiveness of eradicating the nest is at risk, and of course a professional will have done 100’s of wasp nest treatment. Another thing to be aware of is that a wasp when threatened will let of a pheromone calling all his mates to come and sting you. Most people will survive one sting when you get to double figures it could kill you.

Wasps nest are dealt with with one treatment and we offer a 100% guarantee that will we eradicate your issue should you use Pest Control Banstead.