Pest Control Services Covering Banstead, Kingswood, Epsom, Sutton and Surrounds


Rat in your kitchen what are you going to do? Your best bet will be to give Hey Pestgo a call and we can come and sort out any Rat or Mouse issues that you have. Not only do they carry deseases, rodents will destroy property, they will leave droppings and a strong aroma from their urine. They can also cause structual damage as Rats have to constantly chew to keep their ever growing teeth in shape. Mice gestation period is only around 21-28 days and they are secually active at around 5 weeks so you will have lots of activity if you do not act if you have an issue with rodents. A mouse will only need a gap of 5mm to fit through so everyone can get them the key is to dealing with them quickly and effectively.

Our treatment plan for Rodents is usually 3 visits but this would be discussed when a survey is done.